Secret Evidence (1941)

Everything is great….until the old boyfriend shows up. Did her brother put a bullet in his shoulder? One word for this movie….dumb.

Linda Wilson (Marjorie Reynolds) is engaged to her boss David Harrison. He’s a lawyer who is now an assistant D.A. Linda was his secretary in the law office. No room for her in his new job so he tells her he’ll marry her. He gets her a corsage she’s had her eye on. It has a damaged pin but he’ll take care of that later.

An excited Linda goes home and tells her parents and brother. David is due over to take her to dinner. The bell rings. It’s Tony Baxter. He’s out on parole. He and Linda were engaged before he went to the big house for robbery. He’s back for Linda. The family can’t stand him and want him to leave.

He’s also there to pick up some jewelry he left with her brother Jerry. He gets really steamed when he finds out it was all turned into the cops. He tells Linda to meet him at his cabin. She says she’ll be there in an hour.

Outside Tony runs into his former gang member Sniffy. He wants his cut of the jewel robbery. Tony tells him there isn’t any money. Sniffy doesn’t buy it. Tony slugs him and then goes back to the cabin. The drunken clerk tells him he has to register the lady Tony says is coming to see him. Tony signs her in as his wife.

Linda gets to the cabin and then her brother pulls up in his car. He’s got a gun. Jerry and Linda struggle for it and it goes off. Sniffy is in the bushes and takes advantage of the situation and puts a slug into Tony. Linda goes into the cabin and sees it’s a shoulder wound. She makes an anonymous call to a doctor.

Jerry is arrested. David is the prosecutor. The trial scene is totally ridiculous. Don’t waste your time.

TV fans know Marjorie Reynolds as Peg Riley on the William Bendix version of “The Life Of Riley” (1953-58).

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