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Criminals Within (1943)

The movie tries too hard to confuse about who are the bad guys and the good guys. It’s another case of trying to be too clever and ending up being too amateur. Professor Carroll has a formula for a new … Continue reading

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The Kyle Contract (The Chalice Caper)-Donald MacKenzie (1970)

A Hollywood writer is framed for murder by a director. The writer has plans for revenge. Brady Jordan has been paid five grand by director Sebastion Kyle to get evidence that his much younger wife has been fooling around. He … Continue reading

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Butterflies (1978-83)

Wendy Craig is Ria Parkinson who thinks her family takes her for granted. Her husband is Ben Parkinson (Geoffrey Palmer) a dentist who digs butterflies. They have  two teenage sons, Adam and Russell. There were twenty-eight episodes in all. The … Continue reading

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Island Of Terror (1966)

Despite lame looking creatures it’s not a bad horror movie. Lab created life is running amok on an island off the Irish coast. Dr.Phillips has a lab in the basement of his home on a remote part of an island. … Continue reading

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Breaking Point-James Gunn (Short Stories)

Eight stories from 1953,54,57,68,69,70.  Favorites: “Breaking Point” (1953 novelette) – The Earth ship Ambassador lands on a far off plant to see if it’s fit for a colony. They don’t see anything that could be intelligent life but get a … Continue reading

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Charlie Chan At The Olympics (1937)

One of the best of the Chan series. Keye Luke is hyper as number one son Lee but his occasional annoying outbursts don’t get in the way of the plot as Charlie goes to Berlin after a spy ring and … Continue reading

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Young And Innocent (The Girl Was Young) (1937)

Alfred Hitchcock directs this one about a man falsely accused of murder and now he’s on the run. The movie is based on Josephine Tey’s 1936 book “A Shilling For Candles.” It was the second in her Inspector Alan Grant series. … Continue reading

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