The Abominable Snowman (1957)

This goes absolutely nowhere. With all the mountain climbing scenes you always know it’s a studio soundstage with fake snow. The search in the Himalayas for Bigfoot’s cousin drags and the performance from Robert Brown as expedition member Ed Shelley is completely annoying.

Dr.John Rollason (Peter Cushing) is in a Lhamasery studying rare plants. With him is his wife Helen and associate Peter Fox. They’re awaiting the arrival of Tom Friend (Forest Tucker) and his group. They want to find a Yeti and bring one back.

John is an experienced climber. He had an accident and gave it up. Now he wants to join Friend’s expedition. Helen objects and so does the High Lhama. He goes anyway. Friend doesn’t pay his porters so they’ll still be there when everyone gets back. They only take one guide.

Photographer Andrew McNee gets his foot caught in a trap set up by Ed Shelley to catch a Yeti. Lying in the shelter McNee sees a claw searching under the tent. Outside are huge footprints. Friend has a monkey in a cage. Now the cage is all torn up and the monkey is gone.

It looks like more Yeti are around. Ed manages to bag one and they drag the ten foot body back to camp and stash it in a cave. Ed sets a trap for any Yeti that come around. The next morning McNee takes off and then falls to his death. Then a Yeti or two come into the cave where Ed waits. He  takes a few shots and then dies of fright.

Back at the Lhamasery the guide from the expedition returns after being frightened. Helen gets Fox and Friend’s porters to go up the mountain to look for John. John and Friend are the only two left. John hears a weather forecast but the radio is smashed. Friend hears Ed calling him…but he’s dead.

The movie offers no real excitement and the glimpse of the Yeti is a sorry payoff for sticking through the whole thing. This is one to skip.

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