Butterflies (1978-83)

Andrew Hall-Geoffrey Palmer-Wendy Craig-Nicholas Lyndhurst

Andrew Hall-Geoffrey Palmer-Wendy Craig-Nicholas Lyndhurst

Wendy Craig is Ria Parkinson who thinks her family takes her for granted. Her husband is Ben Parkinson (Geoffrey Palmer) a dentist who digs butterflies. They have  two teenage sons, Adam and Russell. There were twenty-eight episodes in all. The theme song is a cover version of the Dolly Parton tune, “Love Is Like A Butterfly.”

Opening episode: November 10,1978: “When Ria Met Leonard” – Ria wants more out of life. Her husband is uptight and feels he’s on the way out as he’s turning forty-eight. He and son Russell haven’t spoken to each other in a year. Son Adam comes home with a cast on his arm after crashing a car…again.

At a cafe Ria meets Leonard. She lies about her age the ages of her sons. Leonard’s wife left him and he’s on his own. His attention makes her feel good. Back home she’s baking a cake. Adam makes some remark about baking a cake is like giving birth. Ben gets upset and considers that a sexual reference.

Ria wants to rekindle the flame by having a romantic evening at home. She’s walking back from buying some wine and is day dreaming. She walks into the street and is just about run over. The driver is Leonard.

He takes her to a park and tells her what his life is like at forty-four. He drives her home and spots her sons’ car. She says a friend lent it to her. He asks to meet her at the cafe again tomorrow and she agrees.

The next day she rushes everyone through lunch and says she’s going to the shops. She can’t stand it that the three are getting along and makes a speech about holding things together. Ben admits she’s right. Now she leaves for the cafe. Will she go through with the meeting? This is a nice bittersweet episode with a number of laughs. very well done.

Wendy Craig played the matron in “The Royal” (2003-2011).

Geoffrey Palmer played Lionel on “As Time Goes By” (1992-2005).

Nicholas Lyndhurst played Rodney Trotter in “Only Fools And Horses” (1981-2003).

Andrew Hall played Marc Selby in “Coronation Street” in 2011.


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