Criminals Within (1943)

The movie tries too hard to confuse about who are the bad guys and the good guys. It’s another case of trying to be too clever and ending up being too amateur.

Professor Carroll has a formula for a new explosive. He keeps the formula in his head. While demonstrating it he’s shot dead by a gunman hanging outside the doorway. His brother is Corporal Greg Carroll at Camp Madison. He discovered a list of scientists working on the project laying on Captain Bryant’s desk. He files it. That gets him put in the guardhouse on suspicion of stealing.

His food is delivered and someone put the cell key in a loaf of bread. He breaks out and sneaks into the rec hall that’s run by Alma Barton. He calls a partner of his brothers’. He hasn’t seen him and Greg says he’ll wait for a call.

Alma is a suspicious character that passes messages back and forth to a cobbler in town hidden in the heels of her shoes. She keeps quiet about Greg being in the rec hall. When it closes she leaves and Greg is inside waiting for a return call.

It’s discovered that he broke out of jail and a light is seen in the closed rec hall. Greg turned it on and discovered the body of Captain Bryant. He evades capture and goes to his friend Sgt.Paul (Ben Alexander). He agrees to smuggle him out of camp in the Colonel’s car.

As things confusingly move along Greg is helped out by reporter Linda. She enlists the help of her maid Mamie and her boyfriend, canteen orderly Sam. They discover that a soldier is helping the bad guys.

It looks like the movie was put together in a hurry. It’s not worth the time.

Ben Alexander became a TV favorite as Officer Frank Smith on “Dragnet” (1952-59) and Desk Sgt.Dan Brigs on “Felony Squad” (1966-69).


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