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Dead Men Walk (1943)

Despite George Zucco playing two parts and Dwight “Renfield” Frye  as another nutty servant the movie drags too much to be worth seeing. Zucco is the good Dr.Clayton and his evil twin Elwyn the vampire. Elwyn Clayton’s servant Zolarr (Dwight Frye) … Continue reading

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Crime Through Time II-Edited by Miriam Grace Monfredo and Sharan Newman (1998)

Nineteen historical mysteries. I’m not a big fan of Historical Mysteries so the pickin’s were slim for me in this collection. The novelty of real figures involved in solving crime just falls flat if the story itself isn’t too interesting. … Continue reading

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The Loner (1965-66)

Forgotten western created by Rod Serling and starring Lloyd Bridges as Civil War veteran William Colton. A month after the war ends he wanders West encountering all kinds of problems. It only lasted one season but is worth another look. … Continue reading

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Escape By Night (1937)

Starts out as a typical crime movie and then sinks like a stone as the bad guys become good guys. All it takes is some good ol’ farm work. Nick Allen (William Hall) is just in to the big city from a … Continue reading

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Re-Birth (The Chrysalids)-John Wyndham (1955)

In the far future Labrador is now a farming community as the Old People destroyed the Earth. You know it was an atomic war even though Wyndham doesn’t say so. It’s a story of the evils of bigotry as those … Continue reading

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Mystery Of Edwin Drood (1935)

Good adaption of Charles Dickens unfinished novel. Claude Rains is the choirmaster obsessed with teenage student Rosa Bud played by Heather Angel. It’s 1864. Choirmaster John Jaspar is well respected by the Church of England. No one knows he goes … Continue reading

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Queen Of The Amazons (1946)

As dull as it is dumb. A jungle movie that features a lot of natives, lions, clips from other movies and a trained bird named Jimmy. The whole thing is really bad and a total waste of time. Jean Preston … Continue reading

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