Curse Of The Faceless Man (1958)

Richard Anderson stars in this unbearably awful movie that deserves it’s high place of dishonor on the worst ever list. Even a volcano can’t stop some guys from looking for the lust of their life.

At a dig in Pompeii a workman finds a box of gold jewelry. He also finds the two thousand year old body of a man killed when Mt.Vesuvius blew it’s top. He and the jewelry are taken to a museum in Naples.

Dr.Paul Mallon (Richard Anderson) and his team study him. All he does is lay on his back with his hands in the air. He’s covered with rock dust making him a stone man. But then a medallion found in the jewelery box identifies him at Quintillus Aurelius.

A translation says he is the son of Etruscan gods and he put a curse on all Romans. Being dead doesn’t slow him down as the truck driver delivering him to the museum is killed….by Quintillus. Nobody’s figured that out yet.

Mallon’s girlfriend, artist Tina Enright (Elaine Edwards), is having nightmares and is obsessed with painting Quintillus. As things crawl along Quintillus keeps coming back to life only to keep falling down. One night Tina can’t handle it and goes to the museum to paint his picture.

He comes alive and shuffles towards her. Rather than run out she stands there and screams. She faints. A guard comes in and starts shooting. Bullets have no effect on the stone man.  Not happy with the interuption Quintillus kills him. Then he places a brooch from the jewel box on Tina and then passes out. Mallon and his former girlfriend Maria carry Tina back to her place and leave her there.

Now Quintillus hasn’t been around for two thousand years but he still remembers how to get to Tina’s place. Mallon and some cops are waiting outside but Quintillus remembers the back way and busts through some walls to get to Tina.

It’s discovered that he was a slave and gladiator who belonged to a house of aristocrats. That’s where he got smitten with Tina. Through regression Tina talks about those days in Pompeii.

Okay. Where is Quintillus taking Tina? Some guys just never give up. This celluloid garbage was spawned by SF writer Jerome Bixby. He had quite an offday when this came out of his typewriter or maybe his garbage disposal. Don’t waste a nanosecond with this.

Richard Anderson had better luck in many other movies and TV shows. He’s best known as Oscar Goldman from “The Six Million Dollar Man” (1974-78) and “The Bionic Woman” (1976-78). He was the narrator of “Kung Fu:The Legend Continues” (1993-97).

When he wakes up….look out.

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