Mesa Of Lost Women (1953)

This has to be a put on. No one who has even made the world’s worst home movie could have thought in their wildest dreams that this would have made a dime, let alone a nickel. Jackie Coogan is a mad scientist who experiments on tarantulas and hot women on top of a mesa in the Mexican desert. He wants to create a race of super women. His experiment doesn’t work on males.

Pilot Grant Phillips and Doreen Culbertson are just about done for after a walk though the desert. They’re picked up by an oil worker in a jeep who just happened to be driving along. When they wake up Grant tells an impossible story that only local native Pepe believes.

Narrator Lyle Talbot takes us back a year before Grant’s story. Dr.Leland Masterson goes to the mesa lab of Dr.Aryana (Jackie Coogan). He wants Masterson as an assistant. He shows him his experiments with the pituitary gland. He injects the fluid into tarantulas and then back into some hot women. The women can live a long time and even grow a limb if they happen to lose one or two.

Masterson thinks he’s nuts and refuses. He ends up in an asylum. He escapes and goes to a cheap cafe. He joins Doreen and her older fiancee Jan von Croft. He wasn’t invited. Then his nurse George from the asylum shows up and has a seat. Now it’s time for the entertainment. It’s dancer Tarantella (Tandra Quinn). Masterson pulls out a gun and kills her.  Even though he’s crazy he recognized her as one of Dr.Aryana’s babes.

George says to stand back because Masterson will kill everyone. He doesn’t explain how he can do that with a pistol and a few bullets. They all leave and someone calls the sheriff. While he’s on the phone Tarantella is tired of being dead and walks out.

Everyone goes to the plane. Also there is a Chinese named Wu who keeps quoting Charlie Chan. They all get on board even after being warned one of the engines is having trouble. Of course they crash on the mesa. They don’t know that they’re surrounded by dwarfs, hot women and a giant spider. Who will survive?

The soundtrack is so annoying it’s almost as if it was a warning to turn the movie off before it drove you nuts.

The opening credits say introducing Tandra Quinn. She only appeared in five movies. This was the next to last one.

Tandra Quinn as Tarantella

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