Queen Of The Amazons (1946)

As dull as it is dumb. A jungle movie that features a lot of natives, lions, clips from other movies and a trained bird named Jimmy. The whole thing is really bad and a total waste of time.

Jean Preston (Patricia Morison) wants to know what happened to her fiancee Greg Jones. With her is Greg’s father the Colonel, her pal Wayne (Keith Richards) and an entomologist who can’t see two feet in front of him.

The group arrives in Akbar in the Far East. A shadowy figure wants to know every move they make. Dropping into their hotel room is a native girl with her husband. He starts telling them about the lost safari Greg was on when he’s shot dead. Time to get out of there.

The next stop is Africa. They get a safari together being guided by Gary Lambert (Robert Lowrey) He’s got a trained bird named Jimmy that does what he’s told. Rounding out the group is Gabby, the best cook in the world. He’s got a pet monkey.

Before they can leave they hire forty men from a native tribe and their main man Tondra.  Tondra tells them about a white she devil that rules the jungle. She’s an Amazon and somehow voodoo gets into it. The chief insists they all watch his tribe dance before taking off. Finally they get moving. Along the way Gary is attacked by a lion. He says it was wearing a collar. Wayne saves him even though he didn’t want to. Wayne digs Jean and now Jean is starting to go for Gary.

One of the natives is killed by a lion. Now they want revenge so everyone waits around until the natives go out and take down Simba and a few pals.

Now, let’s see what’s going on with Greg. He’s supposed to be on a secret mission to nab a gang of thieves that deal in ivory contraband. He’s having a good time with Zita, the Amazon Queen (Amira Moustafa). She’s got a pet lion but no acting coach. The safari ends up in Zita’s compound.

The movie wraps up with an attempt at an exciting finish as Gary and the boys have pistols that may jam but never run out of ammo.

Robert Lowrey played Batman in 1949’s “Batman And Robin.” On TV he played Buss Courtney in “Pistols And Petticoats” (1966-67).

In 1952 Patricia Morison played Dr.Karen Gayle in the TV series “The Cases Of Eddie Drake. Her last appearance was in the 1989 episode of “Cheers”, “Send In The Crane.” She played Mrs. Ridgeway.

This was Amira Mustafa’s third and last movie appearance. No surprise there.


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