Escape By Night (1937)

Starts out as a typical crime movie and then sinks like a stone as the bad guys become good guys. All it takes is some good ol’ farm work.

Nick Allen (William Hall) is just in to the big city from a mining town in Pennsylvania. He sees a couple mugs grab a girl and try and force her into a car. He deals with them and gets shot in the shoulder. The girl is Jo Elliott (Steffi Duna). She takes Nick back to her place and gets him a Doctor.

Here comes gangster Capper Regan (Dean Jagger) along with his boys Spudsy (Ward Bond) and Red (Murray Alper). Outside they spot a rival gang member and the coppers they tipped off to Regan’s whereabouts. As they jump into a car to escape, Regan stays behind. He plugs the rival gang member and takes off.

Now Nick, Jo, Spudsy and Red make their getaway….until the car breaks down. They hole up in an abandoned farmhouse. Along comes Bill, a friendly German Shepard. Nick wants to know where he comes from. He gets to the river and there’s a babe feeding the ducks.

He charms her by falling in the river. Then he gets to a rundown farmhouse and meets Pop. There’s Bill. Pop has been blind for five years and still believes the farm is in great shape. He tells Nick to go inside and help himself to some grub. The cupboard is bare. Then the girl from the river comes in. She’s Pop’s daughter Linda (Anne Nagel).

The four on the lam all wind up there as summer boarders. Must be the country air as they go about fixing up the place. Along comes Fred the Mayor of the nearby town and also the bank president. Everybody is nice and friendly.

The next visitor is Mike Grayson. He’s one of Capper’s boys and he says it’s time for them to all go back. They don’t want to leave and say they’ll be along later. They have no intention of doing that. They really dig their new life.

There’s peace on the farm until Regan and a couple of his boys show up. When he tries to force Jo into the car Bill goes after him. Regan shoots him. Nick carries Bill inside. He’ll be okay. Of course he will. He’s a movie dog.

Nick and company tell Regan they’re aren’t leaving. Regan and his boys leave. They’re not done with Nick and company. The movie is pretty bad even though Jagger makes a good mobster. Skip it.

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