Dead Men Walk (1943)

Despite George Zucco playing two parts and Dwight “Renfield” Frye  as another nutty servant the movie drags too much to be worth seeing. Zucco is the good Dr.Clayton and his evil twin Elwyn the vampire.

Elwyn Clayton’s servant Zolarr (Dwight Frye) accuses Dr.Lloyd Clayton of pushing his boss over a cliff. He’s also not happy that Lloyd is burning Elwyn’s books and papers. He gives Lloyd a dire prediction.

Lloyd’s niece Gail (Mary Carlisle) and her fiancee Dr. David Bentley announce their engagement plans to Lloyd. Life is good. That night life is bad as Elwyn returns and claims his first victim. Examining the body the next day Lloyd is at a loss to explain the two marks on the victim’s throat.

Later on he gets a visit from Elwyn. He can appear and disappear whenever he feels like it except during the day. That’s when he has to follow the vampire rules of staying out of the sun and taking a snooze.

Elwyn visits Gail in her sleep and starts his plan of slowly draining the life out of her. Lloyd finally spots the marks on her throat. He tells David that they have to drop by the family crypt. David thinks he’s nuts but goes anyway. The coffin is missing.

Crazy Kate visits Gail and gives her a cross to wear. Lloyd says it’s okay. Kate says she’ll find where Elwyn is sleeping the day away. David turns into a total jerk as he tells the sheriff Lloyd is up to no good. Then he tells Lloyd if Gail dies he’ll see to it that Lloyd does too.

Good thing Gail has that cross. Elwyn stopped by again while she was asleep. No blood for him tonight. David sacks out in a chair in Gail’s room. On orders from Elwyn, Zolarr slips in to get the cross. David wakes up and saves the day. He takes Zolarr to Lloyd and now David is a believer.

The hick townspeople are ready to turn on kindly Lloyd. Will the evil Elwyn be victorious? This is one horror movie even die hard fans of the genre can easily skip.

George Zucco as the evil Elwyn

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