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We’re Not Married! (1952)

There’s an old adage that says avoid movies that are packed with stars. This proves how true that is. No one has anything to work with it and it’s up for grabs who is the most bored, the actors or … Continue reading

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What The Butler Saw (1950)

Wacky British comedy from Hammer Films. Algernon is an Earl (Edward Rigby) who has been Governor of the Coconut Islands for ten years. He and his butler Bembridge return to England. At his mansion are his stuffy sister Lady Mary, her even … Continue reading

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Best Detective Stories Of The Year-18th Annual Collection-Edited by Anthony Boucher

Sixteen Stories from 1961,62.  Favorites: “His Brother’s Keeper” – James McKimmey – Late at night Henry Abernathy is digging a hole in his backyard. His neighbors can’t hide their curiosity. “The Red Herring” – Richard Deming – A private detective … Continue reading

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The Patti Page Oldsmobile Show (1958-59)

Half-hour variety show hosted by Patti Page. She was nominated for an Emmy but the winner was Dinah Shore. October 15,1958 episode: A fake Frenchman introduces the show and Patti sings “When You Fall In Love In Paris.”….Patti points out … Continue reading

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Missing Girls (1936)

Slow mover about gambling, gangsters, murder, kidnapping and the newspaper reporter caught up in it all. After an argument with her father Ann Jason (Ann Doran) leaves home to seek her fortune in the city. No luck and she goes to … Continue reading

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Armgeddons-Edited by Jack Dann & Gardner Dozois

Twelve stories from 1951,63,71,77,82,83,84,95,96,98. All stories focus on how the world ends or what happens afterwards.   Favorites: “A Desperate Calculus” (1995) – Gregory Benford writing as Sterling Blake – The world’s population has exploded. A married couple working for the … Continue reading

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Repeat Performance (1947)

Good drama about an actress who kills her playwright husband on New Year’s Eve. She gets to live the year over again. Broadway actress Sheila Page (Joan Leslie) shoots her alcoholic playwright husband Barney (Louis Hayward) on New Year’s Eve … Continue reading

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The Magnetic Monster (1953)

No alien monsters but a good number of character actors in an Ivon Tors, Curt Siodmak story about a lab created element that could knock the Earth out of orbit. It’s got quite an appetite. Things are going crazy in … Continue reading

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Journey Into Darkness-Frank Belknap Long (1967)

Long tries his hand at being H.P.Lovecraft. In the course of the book he does mention him and hints at his story “The Color Of Space” so he’s not trying to hide anything. It’s a short but mostly dull book … Continue reading

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Baretta (1975-78)

Robert Blake is unconventional New York cop Tony Baretta. He gets the bad guys any way he can. His pal is his pet Cockatoo Fred. Blake makes it one of the best of the cop series. Opening episode: January 17,1975: … Continue reading

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