The Unwatchable Return Of Cosmos or A Good Show In The Wrong Place

cosmos a spacetime odyssey

The over hype of the show had me just about turned off. Since I am a fan of host Neil DeGrasse Tyson after watching him on “Nova Science Now” I didn’t want to miss it. I was also psyched up after seeing the “60 Minutes” segment on the ALMA Project.

The new Cosmos show was very well done. I liked the homage at the beginning and end to Carl Sagan. Even though the bulk of the debut contained elementary school science it never hurts to get reminders of things that may have been forgotten.

The animation was really cheesy but it was a nice change from the usual lame recreations. There are excellent visual effects and as always Neil was a congenial and effective host.

The big problem? Way too many commercials. Some breaks were longer that show segments to the point of being offensive. I realize that this is the way commercial TV works but that doesn’t make it any less annoying. But what is reaching the intended younger demo of potential scientists. Advertising or information?

FOX has to get some credit for taking a chance with a show that doesn’t contain car chases, creative ways to kill people and cops from all kinds of alphabet agencies that speak in “clever” one liners.

My finger was never far from the MUTE button and that’s why I won’t be watching any further shows. It sinks under the weight of commercial breaks and defeats its supposed purpose of sparking interest in science. A show like this belongs on PBS, home of the original “Cosmos” and not somewhere it is constantly interrupted for movie plugs, gadgets and anything else that can be tossed out there.

Call it a failed noble experiment.



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