Baretta (1975-78)


Robert Blake is unconventional New York cop Tony Baretta. He gets the bad guys any way he can. His pal is his pet Cockatoo Fred. Blake makes it one of the best of the cop series.

Opening episode: January 17,1975: “He’ll Never See Daylight” w/Dana Elcar, Andrew Prine, Madlyn Rhue and Tom Ewell – Baretta gets word an ambitious cop is jumping the gun and raiding a numbers bank Baretta has been keeping an eye on. The big boss is into narcotics and Baretta has been biding his time waiting to follow the money. He only has a few days to go before he can make the big bust.

He races to the numbers bank but he’s too late. He shoves the cop around and that gets him into trouble with his boss Lt.Shiller (Dana Elcar). The numbers bank boss tells his boys to get moving. That night Baretta’s  pal, fellow cop Andy (Andrew Prine), drives him to pick up his girlfriend Sharon (Madlyn Rhue)

On the way to a fancy restaurant Baretta asks her to get married. Outside the place shots ring out and Baretta and Sharon are hit. She dies. Now Baretta’s out for revenge.

Baretta grabs mobster Frank Cassell and took him to a remote location and told him he was going to kill him. Cassell brings attempted murder charges against him. Shiller wants to confront Baretta but he’s disappeared. Billy Truman (Tom Ewell), the desk clerk at Baretta’s hotel helps him stay a step ahead of his boss.  Baretta dons various disguises to let Cassell know there’s no hiding place.

Among Dana Elcar’s many roles was Peter Thornton on “MacGyver” (1985-92).

Madlyn Rhue appeared in many TV shows and movies. She played Hilary Madison on “Executive Suite” (1976-77). “Star Trek” fans know her as Lt.Marla McGivers from the “Space Seed” episode in 1967.

Madlyn Rhue

Madlyn Rhue

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