Best Detective Stories Of The Year-18th Annual Collection-Edited by Anthony Boucher

Anthony Boucher

Anthony Boucher

Sixteen Stories from 1961,62.  Favorites:

“His Brother’s Keeper” – James McKimmey – Late at night Henry Abernathy is digging a hole in his backyard. His neighbors can’t hide their curiosity.

“The Red Herring” – Richard Deming – A private detective is hired by a company looking into threats from an inventor they took to the cleaners. One partner wants to hire him but the other isn’t so sure. The inventor has been in a mental institution for a year. He had a habit of accosting women. Now he’s deemed cured and is in the area. Then one of the partners has a bomb delivered to his house.

“First Come,First Served” – Rog Phillips – A man uses his weekly poker game as an alibi to kill his wife. There’s something he never even thought about.

“The Death Of Don Juan” – Ellery Queen – In Wrightsville a man puts together an amateur theater company. He puts on “The Death Of Don Juan.” People stay away in droves. He manages to get a fading but once top actor to play the title role. The man is a complete jerk and makes fun of the play during the opening night performance. In his dressing room someone sticks a knife in him. Good thing Ellery is in town.

“The Right Man For The Right Job – J.C.Thompson – Guy Lucey is summoned by the boss. He has to take some tests but it could all lead to a great new job.

“The Last Answer” – Hal Ellison – Strickland is riding the elevator at work when the operator asks him a question. It won’t be the last one…not yet.

Other authors: Andrew Garve, De Forbes, Jorge Luis Borges, Robert L.Fish, Edmund Crispin, Lillian Jackson Braun, Murray Leinster, Avram Davidson and Robert Lowry.

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