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Hong Kong (1960-61)

Rod Taylor is American journalist Glenn Evans. He deals with the usual assortment of druggies, mysterious ladies and murderers. Lloyd Bochner is on hand as Chief Inspector Neil Campbell and Jack Kruschen is Tully the bartender. Pilot episode directed by … Continue reading

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Fog Island (1945)

George Zucco, Lionel Atwill and Jerome Cowan in a sometimes creepy movie about a gathering in a house on a fog shrouded island. The object:retribution. Leo Grainer (George Zucco) spent five years in the big house for swindling funds from his … Continue reading

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All Flesh Is Grass-Clifford D.Simak (1965)

The midwestern town of Millvillie is surrounded by a barrier. Brad Carter couldn’t make a go of his late fathers’ greenhouse business and is just about to shut down his failed real estate agency. His phone has already been disconnected. … Continue reading

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Never Too Late (1935)

Stuntman Richard Talmadge runs, climbs, fights, falls and everything in between and never wrinkles his suit while chasing jewel thieves. Blackmailer and thief Lavelle is hiding a pearl necklace inside a pair of shoes and then putting them in a … Continue reading

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The Unearthly (1957)

Decent B if you’re not expecting a whole lot with John Carradine as a mad scientist and Tor Johnson as his just about brain dead servant. Dr.Charles Conway (John Carradine) thinks he can stop the aging process. He’s developed a seventeenth … Continue reading

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Prisoner’s Friend-Andrew Garve (1962)

Gets off to a slow start as the story involves a released prisoner tries to adjust to life in rural England. Things start happening and the eyes of suspicion are on him. Perfect for anyone who likes to follow a … Continue reading

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Don’t Drink The Water (1974-75)

Spin off from “On The Buses.” This one only lasted thirteen episodes. Inspector Blake (Stephen Lewis) has retired and moved to Spain with his sister Dorothy (Pat Coombs)_ Opening episode: July 27,1974 – “Home From Home?” – After thirty years … Continue reading

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