The Unearthly (1957)

Decent B if you’re not expecting a whole lot with John Carradine as a mad scientist and Tor Johnson as his just about brain dead servant.

Dr.Charles Conway (John Carradine) thinks he can stop the aging process. He’s developed a seventeenth gland that he thinks will do the trick. His first experiment didn’t go so well. Check out his servant Lobo (Tor Johnson) and you’ll see why.

Conway’s pal, Dr.Loren Wright, supplies him with patients for his so-called cure for depression. The qualification is that they don’t have any family that will miss them. Loren brings him Grace Thomas.

Outside the remote facility is Mark Houston (Myron Healey). He just finished hiding a gun in the bushes when Lobo sneaks up on him. He does a Swedish Angel move and dumps him in the house. Conway says he knows he’s actually a killer on the run. He offers him a place to hide.

Two patients are Natalie (Sally Todd), a real babe and Danny who is in a constant state of agitation. Conways’ long time assistant is Dr. Sharon Gilchrist. Conway explains his noble experiments to Mark. He’s only doing it for the good of humanity. He’ll make everyone immortal. It’s a funny scene with all the “scientific” jargon.

In the cellar is a man in a cataleptic state just sitting in a chair. Another botched experiment. Conway decides to entertain his patients by sitting down at the organ and blasting out the horror movie staple Bach’s ” Toccata And Fugue In D Minor.”

Conway tells Natalie she’s almost ready to go home. There’s just one more experiment to go. Through it all Mark is suspicious and starts investigating. He drags Grace and Danny into it. Grace isn’t so sure. She likes Conway.

Time to operate on Natalie. Conway puts his seventeenth gland into Natalie. Will she live forever? There’s a funny scene in the cellar with Danny and Lobo. I don’t know how Tor kept a straight face with the dialogue he had to say. Guess he was used to it.


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