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Bedlam (1946)

Boris Karloff is perfect as the slimy George Sims who runs the asylum known as Bedlam. Realism takes a back seat in this movie based on the William Hogarth engravings “The Rake’s Progress.” The time:¬†London-1761. A man falls to his … Continue reading

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Horrors Unseen-Edited by Sam Moskowitz

Nine stories from 1896,97,99,1902,09,37,38,46. Favorites: “The Ghost Pirates” (1909 short novel) – William Hope Hodgson – Jessop signs on to a ship that’s said to be haunted. After being underway for a while he sees a figure climb out of … Continue reading

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On The Buses (1969-73)

Jack Harper (Bob Grant) and Stan Butler (Reg Varney) are bus drivers who try and stay a step ahead of Inspector Cyril “Blakey” Blake (Stephen Lewis). Opening episode: February 28,1969 – “The Early Shift – Stan lives with his Mum, … Continue reading

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Castle In The Desert (1942)

One of the best of the Toler Chan series. It’s murder in the castle in the Mojave Desert. The guilty party may be a descendent of the famous poisoner Lucrezia Borgia. Paul Manderley (Douglas Dumbrille) is writing a book on … Continue reading

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From Hell It Came (1957)

You have to see this at least once. It is so far up the stupidity scale you won’t believe what you’re seeing. South Sea islanders that sound like they’re from New York and a tree that has everyone stumped. Kimo … Continue reading

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Invaders From Rigel-Fletcher Pratt (1960)

Bizarre fun about how a passing comet turned surviving earth people into metal. It reads like a pulp story Pratt had filed away for twenty-thirty years. The big exception is the portrayal of the female characters. No sweet young, helpless … Continue reading

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Take A Good Look (1959-60)

The quiz show asked panelists to identify people involved in current news events. Sometimes clips were shown but mostly there were sketches containing clues. It was a rotating panel of celebrities. Three clues were shown. The clues were usually vague. … Continue reading

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Never Too Late To Mend (1937)

Tod Slaughter plays another slimy character to the hilt.¬† In the late 1900’s in England he’s an evil Squire after the fair Susan. No scheme is low enough in his efforts to win her. Poor farmer George Fielding wants to … Continue reading

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The Curse Of The Obelisk-Ron Goulart (1987)

Second and last book about detective Harry Challenge. The first is 1984’s “The Prisoner Of Blackwood Castle.” There were a couple short stories in 2012. Goulart takes on the old Egyptian curse story as detective Harry Challenge is investigating a … Continue reading

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The Perfect Clue (1935)

Bland B movie about a spoiled rich girl that ends up with an ex con and then in jail. Jerome Stewart announces his engagement at a dinner party in his home. His spoiled daughter Mona (Dorothy Libaire) thought the big … Continue reading

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