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The Web (1947)

Noir fans don’t miss this one. Vincent Price is at his best as a sleazy industrialist. Also in top form are Edmond O’Brien, Ella Raines and William Bendix. It’s based on a story by Harry Kurnitz. In a blink and … Continue reading

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The Death Bird Contract-Philip Atlee (1966) (Joe Gall Series)

Fourth entry in the twenty-three book series about a free lance agent for the CIA. He has a unwritten license to kill. This is not a James Bond rip off. Among all the spy stuff that was churned out in … Continue reading

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Only When I Laugh (1979-82)

Sitcom that takes place in a hospital ward full of hypochondriacs.  Twenty-nine episodes in all. It stars James Bolam as Roy Figgs, Peter Bowles as Archie Glover, Christopher Straull as Norman Binns, Richard Wilson as Dr.Gordon Thorpe and Derrick Branche … Continue reading


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Horror Hotel (The City Of The Dead) (1960)

A lost, underrated horror movie about witchcraft in a small village in modern day Massachusetts. This a real creepy movie full of atmosphere. It lacks the corn factor of most witchcraft movies and is well worth seeking out. It starts … Continue reading

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Year’s Best SF 8-Edited by David G.Hartwell and Kathryn Cramer (2003)

Twenty-two stories and one poem from 2002. Favorites: “Slow Life” – Michael Swanwick – Astronaut Lizzie O’Brien is hanging over what’s referred to as a sea on Titan. She dreams of life that exists underneath it. It may not be … Continue reading

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The Bronze Buckaroo (Rides Again)-Herb Jeffries

Herb Jeffries passed away today at age one hundred. Before hitting it big with “Flamingo” he made a number of westerns as The Bronze Buckaroo. This album was recorded in 1995 when he was eighty-four. He revisited some of the … Continue reading

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Fit For A King (1937)

Fun with Joe E.Brown as a cub reporter who gets mixed up in an international assassination plot. Of course it gets silly but it’s supposed to. No laugh out loud moments but it’s a pleasant ride. Virgil “Scoops” Jones works … Continue reading

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The Dark Mirror (1946)

Mildly interesting movie with Olivia deHavilland playing twin sisters one of whom is a murderess. A doctor is found stabbed to death. Witnesses identify Terry Collins (Olivia deHavilland) as the person coming out of his apartment. She works behind a … Continue reading

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Word Of Honor-Nelson DeMille (1985)

If you’re looking for a big novel you can settle in with then this is what you’re looking for. Over seven hundred absorbing pages about a former army Lieutenant being court martialed for a massacre in Hue,Vietnam eighteen years ago. … Continue reading

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The Decorater (Failed TV Pilot 1965)

The star power of Bette Davis couldn’t sell this unfunny Aaron Spelling sitcom about a famous Hollywood decorator.  One viewing and it’s easy to see why this didn’t go anywhere. Liz (Bette Davis) has been written up in Time magazine … Continue reading

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