The Web (1947)

Noir fans don’t miss this one. Vincent Price is at his best as a sleazy industrialist. Also in top form are Edmond O’Brien, Ella Raines and William Bendix. It’s based on a story by Harry Kurnitz. In a blink and you’ll miss him part in the beginning is the father of SF author Fritz Leiber.

Leopold Kroner (Fritz Leiber) gets out of prison after serving five years. His daughter Martha comes to meet him. He was also expecting his former business associate Andrew Colby (Vincent Price). He didn’t show.  Kroner was convicted of selling a million dollars worth of counterfeit bonds he stole from Colby.

At Colby’s office brash young attorney Bob Regan (Edmund O’Brien) barrels through to see Colby. He stops for a minute to flirt with Colby’s private secretary Noel Faraday (Ella Raines). He breaks into the conference room while a meeting is going on. He says Colby never responded to his letters about his client. He represents a pushcart operator who was involved in an accident with Colby that ruined his cart and he wants his money.

Colby is impressed with him and hires him for five thousand bucks to be his bodyguard for two weeks. After that he’ll be leaving for Paris with Noel. He says Kroner threatened to kill him. Colby tells him to pick a weapon from his gun cabinet. Regan goes to his police friend Lt.Damico (William Bendix) to get a  permit.

Noel lives in the house with Colby. That night Regan continues to romance her. It looks like he’s getting someplace when they hear a shot from upstairs. He runs into Colby’s room. Turning around quickly is Kroner. Regan kills him.

At a hearing Regan is cleared after a decision of self defense. Damico calls him into his office. He says something about the case smells and the million is still missing. Regan returns the gun to Colby. He picks it up with a letter opener and puts it in a desk drawer. Regan goes home. Martha is waiting for him. She’s got a gun. He gets it away from her. She says Colby told Kroner to come to his house that night. It looks like Regan was a patsy.

He sees Damico and tells him what he thinks. Damico says if he proves it he’ll be a murderer. Regan asks him if they can work together. No deal. Regan’s on his own. An excellent movie that crime fans will really like.

Ella Raines-Edmond O’Brien

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