The Strange World Of Planet X (1958)

Forrest Tucker stars as an American scientist working in a lab in a small English village. It’s an experiment to create a powerful magnetic field. What it really creates is a dumb movie that’s not worth the time it took to make it.

Gil Graham (Forrest Tucker) and Michele Dupont (Gaby Andre) work with Dr.Laird in his experiments to create magnetic fields that can destroy metal. It could be used to bring down enemy planes. One night things go haywire and Gil shuts off the power. It keeps running and Michele is almost crowned by a briefcase belonging to Brigadier Cartwright who was observing the experiment.

Strange things happen that night. Freak storms occur and it looks like a UFO has crash landed. The local paper writes up invasion from Planet X stories.

Meanwhile in the village of Beverly Woods, young Jane says hello to a tramp that passes her house. He has a large burn mark on his face. Her mother warns her not to talk to strangers. Jane likes to go into the woods to collect insects. The next day she goes back and runs into a man who calls himself Smith. He says he comes from a long way off, maybe the Moon.

As this talkathon continues the new school teacher is on her way alone into the village. She gets attacked by the tramp. Good thing a friend of Gil’s is driving by to make the save. That night in the pub a man is waiting for his girlfriend. She’s walking through the woods. The tramp kills her. Her boyfriend discovers her body and then the body of the tramp. Say, what’s that peeking out from behind the foliage?

Gathered at the pub are Gil, Michele, Gerard Wilson and Smith.  He warns everyone about Laird’s experiments and how they could drive humans insane and cause insects to mutate. The new teacher, Helen Forsyth goes to the school house while Jane searches for insects in the woods. She finds a large egg and takes it home.

A lot happens at once. Helen is trapped by large insects, Michele is trapped in a huge spider web and Dr.Laird is going nuts. The army shows up and has a field day shooting at the large bugs. Smith saves Michele with a gun that shoots an invisible ray.

No one bats an eye when Smith says he’s not from around here. Meanwhile, back at the lab, Laird is determined to start up his machines. Gerard tries to stop him and gets a bullet for his trouble. He manages to get a call off to the Brigadier. Can Smith save us all?

This is just a bad movie and a total waste of time. Fans of “F Troop” may get a kick out of seeing Forrest Tucker play it straight.



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