The Sweeney (1975-78)

the sweeney

Another good British cop series. John Thaw is Det.Insp. Jack Regan, Dennis Waterman is his partner Det.Sgt. George Carter and Garfield Morgan is their boss Chief Inspector Frank Haskins in most episodes. They’re members of The Flying Squad that specializes in violent crime. The show was so popular it spawned two feature films.

Opening episode:January 2,1975 – “Ringer” – Regan is taking routine surveillance photos of gangster Frank Kemble. There’s a rumor that he’s recruiting for a major job. Regan borrows his girl friend Jenny’s car. While making a phone call two teenagers steal it. Regan’s camera and the photos are inside.

One of the thieves is Billy Martin. He recognizes Kemble’s picture and takes the photos to him. One of his boys, Dave Brooker, finds out the car’s owner. He and another gang member go to Jenny’s place posing as cops. They tell her it was involved in an accident and the driver didn’t have any ID and they want to know who he is. She sees through them but they frighten her into giving them Regan’s name.

Regan and Carter track Billy down and bust him. They still don’t know what the job is. Meanwhile Haskins is trying to get Carter away from Regan because he tells his boss that Regan is a bad influence on him. That doesn’t work even though the big boss knows Regan is a loose cannon. As always in shows like this the character is the best at what he does so he stays put.

Billy’s mother (June Brown) comes to the police station hoping to get a break for her son from Regan. Her information is what they need to discover what’s being planned. A good action scene follows. If this show pops up on cable, see it.

John Thaw is best known as Chief Inspector Morse (1987-2000).

EastEnder fans know June Brown as the longest running character in the soap’s history, Dot Branning. She started playing the part in 1985 and is still on the show.

June Brown

June Brown


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