Call Her Savage (1932)

Clara Bow is terrific as the boozing, brawling hot tempered dame nicknamed Dynamite. She has her fun but also her tragedies.

A wagon train is attacked by Indians and several people are killed. A religious member of the group blames leader Silas Jennings because of his fooling around with a woman while his wife drives their wagon with their young daughter Ruth. He warns him that his sins will be felt for generations of his family.

Eighteen years later Ruth lives on a ranch in Texas with her husband Pete Springer. Pete leaves to seek his fortune and asks his Indian friend Ronasa to keep an eye on Ruth while he’s away. Ronasa tells Ruth he’s also leaving. His father the Chief wants him to get married.

Ruth gives birth to Nasa (Clara Bow). She’s a wild child. She’s friends with half breed Moonglow (Gilbert Roland). Pete realizes no one can control Nasa and he sends her to a private school in Chicago. She takes the town by storm. She gets in brawls and the papers nickname her Dynamite.

Pete is now a wealthy man in the railroad business. On the day Nasa is having a party a newspaper article says she’ll announce her engagement. It’s a man her father wants her to marry for business reasons. She’s not going for it. She’s fond of no good playboy Larry Crosby.

Larry is walking out on his girlfriend Sunny DeLane (Thelma Todd). He found out she stayed at a motel with another man as Mr.and Mrs.Smith. At the party Sunny and Nasa get into a brawl. The next day Nasa marries Larry.

On their wedding night he’s out gambling and fooling around. Pete drops into the hotel room and tells Nasa his lawyer will take care of her needs and he never wants to see her again. Larry comes back in the middle of the night drunk. In a little while he gets a phone call. He’s off again. Tired of Nasa’s questions he says his attorney will take care of an allowance for her. End of marriage after one day.

Nasa goes on a spending spree. She gets word Larry is ill in New Orleans and goes to see him. In his room he attacks her and she knocks him out. A month later she gives birth to a baby boy. They move into a cheap rooming house. Moonglow comes to town looking for her. Her Grandfather died leaving her a hundred grand. Then she’s struck by a great tragedy.

She moves to New York. She wants a male escort to show her around. This leads to more fun and then more tragedy. It all sounds soapie and melodramatic and those elements are there but not overpowering. This is a good movie and definitely worth checking out for Clara Bow’s performance.

Clara Bow as Nasa


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