Daughter Of The Tong (1939)

It’s the FBI versus a gang in the alien smuggling racket in Chinatown. Lots of action but little storyline. If you like crime movies there are plenty of others from the era to see before this one.

An FBI agent is killed in Chinatown while investigating an alien smuggling ring. The racket is run by Carney-The Illustrious One (Evelyn Brent). She tells the boys to cool it until after the elections. At the offices of that new agency  FBI agent Ralph Dickson (Grant Withers) is assigned to infiltrate the gang.

It just so happens he’s a double for an escaped con on his way to see Carney. The con was picked up but Dickson has to get moving before the word gets out. At the bus station he returns a dropped hankie to a girl named Marion and tries a little flirting. He gets nowhere.

Meeting him is gang member Mugsy. He takes him to the Oriental Hotel where Carney is based. Makes sense because she owns it. One of her boys is hotel clerk, Wong (Richard Loo). He watches who comes in and where they go.

Dickson runs into Marion in the elevator while she’s being held by a member of the gang. Her brother Jerry was in partnership with Carney in a legitimate business and wants out because he wants nothing to do with the rackets. Marion brings a load of cash to Carney so she can release Jerry. Instead Jerry is still being held and now she’s going to be put on ice.

Dickson follows as Marion is taken to a Chinese shop. He sets off a bunch of firecrackers and runs upstairs. He knocks a number of bad guys around and gets Marion out of there. Outside Marion points a gun at him and wants him to stay away from her. Fat chance.

There are more big brawls to come and also a car chase before it’s all over. Nothing special. Evelyn Brent as Chinese doesn’t work for a second.


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