The Ginger Rogers Show (Failed Pilot- July 22,1963)

the ginger rogers show-vacation playhouse

This was part of the summer series “Vacation Playhouse.” Ginger played twin sisters Elizabeth and Margaret Harcourt in “A Love Affair Just For Three.” Charles Ruggles is their Uncle Eli. Ginger looks great but the show isn’t. Not much on creativity or laughs.

Margaret returns from six months in Europe writing a book. Uncle Eli picks her up at the airport and says Elizabeth has fallen for a slick guy names Mario (Cesare Danova). Back home Liz is upset but puts on a brave front when Eli and Margaret show up. Margaret senses something’s wrong.

The next day Liz leaves for the family cabin in Tahoe. Margaret does some research and finds out that Mario dumped Liz. He has a habit of jilting women after brief affairs. Margaret decides to get some revenge.

She poses as Liz and after a lunch date finds out a party where Mario will be that night. She shows up with actor Gardner McKay. (At the time he was starring in the hit series “Adventures In Paradise.” His name didn’t appear in this show’s opening or closing credits.) Looks like the tactic worked and Mario is jealous.

On another night they’re off to another party. Liz pulls up in a cab just in time to see them leave. She doesn’t have a clue as to what’s been going on. The party is being given by friends of Eli who shows up to tell Margaret that Liz is out in the hall.

Now it turns into the usual sitcom scenes of the twins causing confusion. After the show ends Ginger comes out and explains what the series will be about. She didn’t know that it would be about just the one half hour.


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