Private Buckaroo (1942)

private buckaroo 1942

Harry James and the Andrews Sisters are reasons to hear this movie. Shemp Howard is the reason to see it. Not much of a storyline in this morale booster but a lot of music and fun.

Harry James is playing a gig at a nightclub with the Andrews Sisters and Lon Prentice (Dick Foran). Another performer with the band is singer-comedian Lancelot Pringle McBiff (Joe E.Lewis). Trying to get in to see it all is army Sgt.Muggsy Shavel (Shemp Howard) and his fiancee Bonnie-Belle Schlopkiss (Mary Wickes). They bribe the head waiter but end up next to the kitchen.

They carry the table to the front where McBiff is attracted to Bonnie-Belle. Muggsy doesn’t take it too well but Bonnie-Belle is happy. Meanwhile Harry James gets his draft notice. Lon is upset that he can’t get in because of one flat foot. He sees a doctor who fixes it and he’s in. Then the whole band enlists. Also joining up is eighteen year old Donny (Donald O’Connor).

Harry is appointed the bugler. Only problem is…he can’t play it. Muggsy is upset and frustrated with Lon who doesn’t think he should have to go through all that training. The Captain excuses him from it thinking he’ll come around just like he did twenty years ago. On a training exercise Muggsy can’t understand why his men keep disappearing. The eccentric uncle of a young girl named Tagalong has set what he calls spy traps that when stepped on open up and the person falls in.

Nobody likes Lon and he’s considered a slacker. He likes the Colonel’s niece Joyce. That has some rough going and things get tough for Muggsy when McBiff shows up as part of the USO along with the Andrews Sisters. Lon realizes his mistaken attitude but it may be too late to become a good soldier.

Lots of music throughout and Shemp Howard is at his absolute best. It’s interesting to see what he can do without the other Stooges. He even does some Stooge type material with Mary Wickes which is a lot of fun. This is an entertaining way to pass an hour.



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