The Flying Saucer (1950)

Made in 1949 and escaping in 1950. Despite the title this is not an SF movie. It’s also not a good one. It’s a yawn-a-thon about the U.S. racing the Commies to get a flying disc stashed in Alaska.

Reports of flying saucers are coming from all over the U.S. Intelligence officer Hank Thorn calls in millionaire playboy Mike Trent (Mikel Conrad) to investigate. Trent has a hunting lodge in Alaska and Thorn wants him to pretend to go there to sober up. Agent Vee Langley (Pat Garrison) will go with him posing as his nurse.

At the lodge is Hans. He’s a new caretaker. There’s a long segment where nothing happens except that Mike and Vee give each other some deep movie stares. One day Vee takes a walk. Hans is behind her drawing a bead on her with a rifle. He sees a bear and figures the animal will take care of her. He’s surprised to see her running back into the lodge. He sneaks behind her with a knife. Still no luck.

A barge pulls up outside. Vee takes it to Juneau. Hans told her earlier that Mike grabbed a skiff and went to Juneau. She and the barge operator search the bars for a drunken Mike. Mike is looking for his old pal Matt Mitchell. Vee finally finds him and he refuses to go with her. She leaves and a drunken Matt comes in.

He’s got a wad of dough he says is payment for rental on his boat. Some guys at a nearby table are very interested. Mike leaves and one of the guys at the table takes Matt to see Colonel Marikoff. Matt is taken into a back room and knocked out.

Turner (Denver Pyle) a mechanic for Dr.Carl Lawton (Roy Engel) who invented the saucer comes in. He offers to sell the saucer to the Commies for a million bucks. He also tells them where it is. Matt overhears this and escapes through a window. Mike sobers up and takes the skiff back towards the lodge. He slams into some ice and Matt finds him and takes him back to his place.

Commie agents come in, shoot Matt and knock Mike out. When Mike comes to Matt tells him about the saucer hidden at Twin Lakes. Then Matt expires. Mike rents a plane and flies over the icecap to Twin Lakes and finds the saucer in the basement of a cabin.

He flies back to the lodge to refuel and spots Hans talking with some men. Vee is in Seattle meeting Dr.Lawton. Thorn ordered her to hide him at the lodge. The Commies capture Mike and then Vee and Lawton.  Turner is there too.Everybody goes through a secret tunnel and heads for the saucer.

The movie goes for a big finish that leads to a convenient ending that is just lazy writing. Along the way there is some nice Alaskan scenery but that’s all that’s decent about this misfire.

This was Pat Garrison’s first and last movie until a brief appearance as a roulette croupier in 1985’s “Lost In America.”

Pat Garrison-Mikel Conrad


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