Isle Of Destiny (1940)

isle of destiny 1940

Not much to see here. A couple goofy Marines who underneath it all aren’t so goofy when the chips are down and a gun runner with a jealous native wife all mixed in with an heiress who is testing out a fuel saving device for small planes. It all takes place in the South Seas.

Virginia Allerton (June Lang) is testing out a fuel saving device invented by Max Raft. The two are in the small plane The Lady Bird when a storm knocks them off course. A number of ships are sending out calls for her. Also looking is her is her brother, Lt.George Allerton (Grant Richards). He commands a Marine post on the South Seas island of Palo Pango. One of the ships contains gun runner Oliver Barton (Gilbert Roland).

The plane’s radio finally starts working again and they land at Palo Pango where they’re met by “Stripes” Thornton (William Gargan) and his pal and rival Millard “Milly” Barnes (Wallace Ford). They both vie for her attention. Barton runs a trading post on the island. He and his partner, the eccentric Doc Spriggs plan to use a race between him and Virginia to Guam as a cover for the gun running. Doc thinks he’s had hundreds of past lives. That so-called comedy wears out real fast.

Barton pretends to crash his plane on a nearby island and Virginia and Max go down to help him. They stay with Barton and his native wife Inda who is burned up at Virginia’s presence. Max doesn’t believe that all of Barton’s radios are out. He finds evidence that at least one is working and also finds evidence of the gun running. Max and Barton duke it out. Max is about to crown him with a log when Inda kills him with a poison dart.

Barton goes back to Palo Pango. He says he doesn’t have a clue to Virginia’s whereabouts.  Stripes and Milly aren’t buying it. The excitement is minimal and the movie mostly just lays there. There are some good actors in this but they can’t save it. Trivia fans may recognize The Sportsmen Quartet as singing Marines.



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