War Of The Satellites (1958)

Outer space schlock from Roger Corman that just misses being so bad it’s good. Aliens are sick and tired of humans trying to get off the planet and they’re going to do something about it.

Ten manned satellites have been destroyed by a mysterious barrier in space. United Nations delegate Jason Akad (Michael Fox) wants the project halted. The project head Dr.Van Ponder (Richard Devon) doesn’t want to give it up. He volunteers himself to go on the next mission. He’ll be accompanied by Dave Boyer (Dick Miller) and Sybil Carrington (Susan Cabot). US UN delegate Hotchkiss (Robert Shayne) wants to go on with the project.

Aliens send a message to the UN written in Latin. They consider humans a disease that shouldn’t be allowed off the planet. Van Ponder thinks it’s a hoax. A few weeks go by as the project continues. Van Ponder is summoned to the UN by Hotchkiss. On the way aliens cause him to crash his car. He’s done for.

At the UN excuses are being made for Van Ponder’s non appearance when….he walks in. The joint breaks out in applause. Back at Hotchkiss’s office Van Ponder splits in two. The aliens have him. Across the world there are fires, floods and other disasters. It could be the aliens warning to stop the project. Van Ponder writes a letter to read at the UN officially calling off the project. Dave takes it over and reads his own plea to continue space exploration.

Dave sees some markings on Van Ponder’s arms that make him suspicious. Van Ponder goes to a lab after being summoned by John Compo. He doesn’t notice that his hand is being burned by a blow torch. Campo does and runs for Dr.Howard Lazar. By the time they get back Van Ponder has gotten his hand back to normal.

The mission goes ahead. Just before getting on board a rocket Dave sees Van Ponder split in two. On board everyone buckles into their Barcalounger and folds their arms. Acceleration has no effect so it’s a nice ride.

In space Van Ponder offers Compo a chance to join them. Compo says he was born a human and will die one. He does. Dave lets Lazar and Sybil know his suspicions. How much longer can Van Ponder keep his secret?

Robert Shayne is best known as Inspector Henderson in “The Adventures Of Superman” (1952-58).


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