Pass The Line (1954) Failed TV Pilot

Artist Ray White draws, panelists try to entertain while any audience falls asleep.

Artist Ray White draws, panelists try to entertain while any audience falls asleep.

Disastrous attempt at a game show that even Jonathan Winters couldn’t save. This has to be the most boring and dumbest idea for a game show in TV history. Jazz pianist Mel Powell is on hand to provide music. It’s hosted by producer Cliff Saber and his sidekick Lori.

The panelists are Jonathan Winters, fashion designer Erica, TV host Jeff Kane and his sidekick Marge. Artist Ray White draws a picture in ten lines. He’s not in a hurry. The panel each try and copy it..step by step. After an agonizing amount of time the completed pictures are posted on a board with wacky titles from each panelist.

People at home that may still be awake are asked to join in the fun and draw along. They can also submit ideas. If theirs is excepted they get a fifty dollar war bond. Jonathan’s idea was used for the second drawing.

That’s it. At the end Jonathan Wingate, who is a backer of this mess, makes a pitch for someone to pick up the show and talks about merchandising. Lori holds up a box you can buy containing three booklets of drawings along with some paper and pencils for hours of unmitigated joy.

This has to be seen to be believed. This is the only thing Cliff Saber has done and it’s easy to see why.


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