The Ring Of Ritornel-Charles L.Harness (1968)

charles l harness-the ring of ritornel

Good one with a lot of surprises in the last half that will keep you reading to see where Harness is taking it. A lot going on here.

In the far future (where else?) Humanity has settled into the Twelve Galaxies. It wasn’t easy getting there as Earth started a nuclear war that wiped out several colonies and eventually everything and everybody on the home planet. It’s now called Terror instead of Terra. Because the rules say any planet that starts a nuclear war has to be blown up the still burning sphere has to go.

The new Magistar Oberon is on a hunting expedition. He’s warned by Captain Andrek that a solar quake is coming and they have to get out of there. Oberon has him shot for mutiny. The quake arrives and Oberon is just about dead.

Back on Goris-Kard eight year old James Andrek lives with his older brother Omerle. He’s the Poet Laureate to the House Of Oberon. One night he disappears and that sets James on a life long search for him. The years go by and James is now an Advocate.

He gets himself appointed to the House Of Oberon. He gets enamored with Oberon’s daughter, Amatar. Oberon isn’t going for that and sends him on a mission that’s sure to get him killed. Before he leaves, Amatar gives him a deadly spider she’s programmed not to bite him. Good thing because there are three men on board who are assigned to bump him off. He encounters a strange passenger known as The Pilgrim. He’s going to need him.

Anything further would spoil the surprises coming that involve antimatter, creation, life cycle…on and on it goes. The chapter order in the table of contents are a tipoff that this is something different.

This is well worth picking up.

Charles L.Harness

Charles L.Harness



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