Minder (1979-84)


Another great British TV series. Dennis Waterman is Terry McCann, a former boxer hired by conman Arthur Daley (George Cole) as a minder whose job is to protect him from other crooks. Terry tries to do the best he can. When others hire him Arthur takes most of the money. Waterman was in the first seventy-three episodes.

Opening episode:October 29,1979 – “Gunfight At The OK Laundrette” – Terry is a bouncer in a strip club. Arthur lends Terry to his friend Alfie Cavallo to keep an eye on things when Alfie goes to collect the money from the machines at the laundrette.

Three men choose that time to rob the place. It all goes wrong and Alfie is shot in the shoulder. Everyone goes into a back storage room where the heat is intense. Stuck there are Terry,Alfie,a middle aged customer Mrs.Mayhew and the three robbers.

The place is eventually surrounded by cops,snipers,crowds and the media. Because of his record the cops think Terry is on it. Arthur makes a deal with a newspaper for an exclusive interview with Stretch the leader of the trio. While laying out the offer on the phone the cops disconnect them.

Two of the robbers have just about had it but Stretch insists on keeping on and demands a helicopter to the airport and then a jumbo jet to Ethiopia. His partners don’t want to go there.

This is a good mix of comedy and drama and a must see for anyone who likes good TV.

In the beginning of the episode, “Ballykissangel” fans will spot Tony Doyle who starred in the first five years of that series as the scheming Brian Quigley.

Dennis Waterman was also in another great series, “The Sweeney.” He played Detective Sgt.George Carter (1975-78).


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