The Man Who Walked Alone (1945)

the man who walked alone 1945

Romantic comedy with a fun performance from Kay Aldridge as an heiress who wants to dump her fiancee for a returning soldier. It’s mostly lame but she is very appealing. Character actor Dick Elliot plays the Mayor.

Marion Scott (Dave O’Brien) is hitchhiking and causes a girl to have a flat tire, She’s Wilhelmina “Willie” Hammond (Kay Aldridge). They finally agree that he’ll change her tire for a ride into town. (The movie thinks it’s cute that she’s Willie and he’s Marion). Along the way the car runs out of gas. When he walks a half mile to a gas station she opens his suitcase and sees a uniform with medals.

Marion gets back, puts gas in the tank and they’re off. Then the cops pull them over. They have a report that the car was stolen. She says she just borrowed it from her fiancee Alvin Bailey (Smith Ballew). When they’re releases they drive to the Hammond machine. She says she works there as a secretary. She shows Marion where there’s an unlocked window. He goes inside and heads for the front door to let her in. Instead of Willie at the door it’s the cops. Back to jail for both of them. This time for breaking and entering.

The press gets interested after they realize that Willie is the Hammond heiress. She thought Marion was a deserter until she found out he had a medical discharge. Pictures are taken. Willie gets word that her mother, thirteen year old sister Patricia, her aunt Harriet and fiancee Alvin will be at the house the next day. Since romance has bloomed between she and Marion and she hires him as her chauffeur.

Alvin is running for Zoning Commissioner and is a snob. Willie wants to break the engagement but Alvin is not taking no for an answer and tries to punch out Marion. He ends up with a black eye. Patricia thinks the whole thing is corny. Alvin says the wedding should be in the house the next day.

Willie’s mother is supposed to drive to the Governor’s house but Marion speeds off with Willie and proposes. She says she has to remain loyal to the family. Back at the house Alvin searches Marion suitcase and finds the uniform. He thinks he’s a deserter. He also finds an envelope with Marion’s papers. Without reading them he gives them to Wiggins the butler and tells him to go to the cops and turn him in.

Of course the movie goes where you know it will. Despite the lame moments it’s not that bad overall and if you’re a fan of fluffy light comedies check it out.

Smith Ballew sung with a number of bands in the 30’s and was one of the movies’ first singing cowboys.

Dave O’Brien was an award winning writer for “The Red Skelton Hour” (1957-68)


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