Kronk (Son Of Kronk)-Edmund Cooper (1971)

edmund cooper-kronk (son of kronk)

Cooper gets away from his serious SF to do a satire on the times. In 1971 England was still swingin’ and the Love Generation was living up to its name. Cooper envisions a future where a new STD can save the world.

Gabriel Crome is on a bridge overlooking the Thames standing next to a ten foot statue of Sir Michael Jagger. He’s feeding a raven some vodka until it passes out. Before going sleep the bird says “Kronk.” Gabriel wants to commit suicide. Then he runs into Camilli Greylaw. She wants to kill herself because her late scientist husband gave her an incurable disease.

Of course they hook up and she takes him back to her place. He’s more than surprised to see a tame panther along with a lion, a rabbit and a cat. The animals were part of a research project called Tranquility. It was designed to come up with a virus that would remove the aggressive nature of people so there would be no more war. It’s known as P939. He injected a dose into Camilla. Sex is how to spread the condition and she wastes no time passing it on to Gabriel. That’s when they get the bright idea to pass it ion to as many people as possible. In case someone isn’t in the mood there’s always some InSex pills.

Cooper takes on the media with a segment when the couple is walking in the woods. Camilla is gang raped while a helpless Gabriel is restrained. There’s a helicopter overhead and he’s puzzled why it doesn’t come to her rescue. Turns out it’s from NaTel, a broadcast company that set the whole thing up for a special show. Camilla gets a check. She’s also passed on P939.

Also trying to get hold of the virus are two Russian spies, twins Peter and Ilyich Karamazov and some corporate bigwigs who have their own ideas how to use it. Gabriel and Camilla keep on their mission to save humanity through this new STD.

Peter saw Camilla’s husband hit by a train. He and his brother race to her house and steal the passive animals. Speeding along they have a falling out that will give one of them a whole new lease on life. Peter starts the Perfect Universal Love Movement that sweeps the world.

And there are those killer rabbits…..

Sure this is dated but if you can get in your personal time machine and go back to 1971 you’ll probably have fun with it.

edmund cooper-son of kronk (kronk)



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