The Night The World Exploded (1957)

Too bad the Earth didn’t take this movie with it. We’re all doomed thanks to element 112.When this movie was made there were only one hundred eleven known elements instead of the now known one hundred eighteen. This is a good cure for insomnia. The movie has one of the worst last lines ever.

Dr.Dave Conway (William Leslie) has invented a machine that can predict earthquakes. Good thing he did since a big one is on its way in twenty-four hours. He and Dr.Ellis Morton (Tristram Coffin) go to see Governor Cheyney. He’s not ready to evacuate a million people on their say so.

The quake hits. It’s devastation everywhere. The Earth is knocked three degrees off its axis. More quakes are on the way. Conway takes all his stuff to the deepest point in the Carlsbad Caverns. With him are Dr.Morton and their assistant Hutch (Kathryn Grant).

Ranger Kirk is on hand and picks up a small rock. No one knows what it is. He takes it back to his cabin to add to his collection. The rock starts to expand…then….it blows up taking Kirk with it. Back in the Caverns the same thing happens. An explosion is avoided when it falls into some water.

Time for a trip to Washington and visit the Assistant Secretary of Defense (John Zaremba). Conway wants a meeting of all the world’s top scientists. He demonstrates what he now calls element 112. Everyone get a souvenir to take home and try and figure out.

Once again back to the Caverns where Hutch is trapped. After the filler rescue scenes it’s time to get down to business. Conway thinks he knows what’s going on. He puts the question to a super duper computer. We only have twenty-eight days before we’re all toast. He says he’ll have to take a terrific gamble.

The only gamble he took along with the others in this movie is their careers. This is a total bore with stock footage of buildings collapsing as more filler. Their version of the caverns is also laughable. This is definitely one to avoid.


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