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Make Haste To Live (1954)

This could have been a good suspenseful movie but it gets bogged down by too much syrup and corn. The bright spot is Stephen McNally who makes a good villain. The movie is based on a novel by the husband … Continue reading

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Night Monster (1942)

Despite the star billing of Bela Lugosi and Lionel Atwill, Lugosi doesn’t have much to do and Atwill even less. There’s lots of fog in the woods surrounding the Inkston Towers mansion. When the frogs stop croaking there’s something out … Continue reading

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Pity Him Afterwards-Donald E.Westlake (1964)

A murderous madman escapes from an asylum and goes undercover in a little theater group. It’s not long before he’s back to his old ways. Robert Ellington kills a nurse while escaping from a maximum security asylum. He’s picked up … Continue reading

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Circus Boy (1956-58)

Micky Dolenz is twelve year old Corky the Circus Boy. His parents were acrobats who worked without a net. That act ended in a hurry and Corky is on his own. Noah Beery,Jr. is his pal Joey The Clown. Robert … Continue reading

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Caught In The Draft (1941)

Dated but a movie made for its time and well worth seeing. Bob Hope is a lot of fun as an actor in the army whose main goal is to marry the Colonel’s daughter. Don Barlow (Bob Hope) is a … Continue reading

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The Year’s Best Science Fiction-Twenty-Sixth Annual Collection-Edited by Gardner Dozois (2009)

Thirty stories from 2008. Favorites: “Turing’s Apples” – Stephen Baxter – Finally…a return message from alien life. Not a good idea to make contact. “From Babels’ Fall’n Glory We Fled” – Michael Swanwick – A human ambassador has a ringside … Continue reading

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Charlie Chan In The Secret Service (1944)

Dull entry that concentrates more on detection than comedy. That would have been a good thing but the investigation drags way too much. Unlike most mysteries this one has the suspects all gathered from the beginning instead of waiting for … Continue reading

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Buck Benny Rides Again (1940)

Gag filled take off on Westerns from Jack and his radio cast featuring Rochester, Phil Harris and Dennis Day. Some long production numbers slow it down but there are some very entertaining bits from Rochester and a lot of laughs … Continue reading

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The Case Of The Phantom Fortune-Erle Stanley Gardner (1964)

Perry Mason is back to his 30’s and 40’s tough guy persona as he threatens to kill a blackmailer and could end up in jail thanks to the efforts of his nemesis D.A. Hamilton Burger. This is one of the … Continue reading

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The Other One (1977-79)

Short lived sitcom that’s not all that funny. Richard BriersĀ  is Ralph Tanner and Michael Gambon is Brian Bryant. They are two bachelors on a package tour of Spain. Brian is naive about travel and Ralph tells him he knows … Continue reading

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