My Wife Next Door (1972-73)

Hannah Gordon-John Alderton

Hannah Gordon-John Alderton

Not very funny sitcom about a divorced couple that end up living next door to each other. I’m probably in the minority since it did win a BAFTA award for Best Comedy Series. John Alderton is George and Hannah Gordon is Suzy.

Opening episode: September 19,1972 – “The Nearness Of You” – After two years of living apart George and Suzy Bassett are finally divorced. One big issue was George insisting he keep a stuffed moose head. Both seem unhappy on the big day. George is across the street from the courthouse and spots Suzy and then heads into the nearest pub.

At the office his secretary Liz suggests he make a change from London and move to the country. He has some literature left over from the time he and Suzy were thinking of making the same move. He goes for it and moves into a duplex cottage. He spots his next door neighbor. It’s Suzy.

They agree to talk on the phone but hers is always busy. Finally George goes to her place for a drink. The phone rings. It’s a man and Suzy is very happy to hear from him. After she hangs up they have an awkward conversation loaded with small talk. Finally George can’t hide his jealousy and says he’s had a miserable life the past two years while she’s been out having fun.

They agree to draw up a list of rules since they’ll be neighbors. They include staying away from each other and no communication. That only lasts an hour or two when George realizes he has a bottle of wine but no corkscrew.He goes next door to borrow one and they again vow…no communication. A couple minutes later a fuse blows in Suzy’s place and she has to go next door.

The jokes are flat and it’s just dull all the way through.


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