Suicide Squad (1935)

suicide squad 1935

Mostly unexciting story of a big city elite rescue squad. The newest member is a publicity hound and the Captain’s future son-in-law. Character actor Robert Homans plays the Irish Captain Tim O’Connor to the hilt.

Larry Barker (Norman Foster) is currently a cab driver. He keeps that fact from his girlfriend Mary O’Connor (Joyce Compton) and her family.

He goes to her house for dinner. He wants to join the rescue squad where Mary’s father Tim (Robert Homans) is a Captain. Mary enlists her mother’s help in getting Larry into the department. Tim would rather Mary be attracted to member Ed Drew.

Larry goes through training and his supervisor is Ed. He gives him the crummy jobs and overtime so he can’t go on dates with Mary. Larry’s pal is newspaper photographer Snaps. He wants him to follow him on calls and take his picture for the paper.

The first call is a bank robbery and explosion. Larry is ordered to stay by a truck. He sees the robbers getting away and along with Snaps chases after them. They’re followed by a motorcycle cop. The robbers run into a building and fire a hail of bullets. While the cop fires back Larry climbs up a fire escape. He gets behind the two robbers and captures them.

He gets in trouble with Tim for leaving the scene against orders. Tim is surprised when the chief gives Larry a stripe for his uniform and congratulates him. The next call is an explosion. Tim orders Larry to stay outside and feed in a line so the men can find their way back out.

A hot wire comes loose and falls. Larry drops the line and deals with it. He’s in trouble again. At least he got his picture taken. Mary is disgusted with him and says he’s too ambitious and doesn’t need to be in such a hurry to go up in the department. He promises to change his ways.

Now the squad is called out on another fire and explosion. Once again Larry is responsible for the lifeline. He sees Ed fall from a roof. He hands the line to Snaps and goes to the rescue. Snaps drops the line to take pictures. No one is killed but a couple men are injured.

Tim takes the stripe away and calls him a grandstander. The chief wants to suspend him for six months without pay. Larry resigns. Mary tells him goodbye. Ed is in the hospital and hasn’t been able to tell the real story.

Larry is back driving a cab. He’s at the docks when he sees Mary and her younger brother go on board an excursion boat. There’s an explosion. He calls the squad and goes into action. Can he redeem himself?

It’s a short movie that wastes a lot of time. It doesn’t help that Mary’s parents look like her grandparents.

Norman Foster ended up a movie and TV Director. He also appeared in fifty movies.

Robert Homans

Robert Homans


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