The Road To Ruin (1934)

the road to ruin 1934

Minor entry in the exploitation films warning young girls about sex and drugs.  Twenty-eight year old Helen Foster and twenty-five year old Nell O’Day play two high school girls who should have known better. Their parents weren’t exactly shining examples. Eve’s mother likes to party and it looks like Ann’s mother is the picture of innocence while her father is out on business conferences….monkey business.

Eve Monroe (Nell O’Day) and Ann Dixon (Helen Foster) are leaving their school for the day when Tommy and Ed pull up in a hot rod to give them a lift. Tommy tells Eve he digs Ann.

Eve’s father refuses to get a divorce but that doesn’t stop Mom from getting a boyfriend. That night Eve’s mother and company are heading for a nightclub. Eve invites Ann over to spend the night. Her mother and friends are boozing it up and telling dirty jokes before leaving. Upstairs Eve and Ann are reading a hot romance novel.

When the adults leave Eve introduces Ann to booze and tobacco. She likes them. Ann has taken her first steps on the road to ruin. The next day Ann, Eve,Tommy and Ed go to the lake. The couples go their separate ways. It’s hinted that Tommy and Ann have sex.

One night Tommy and Ed take them to a lodge where there’s some wild dancing and lots of booze. Spotting the girls are sleazy adults Ralph Bennett and his pal Brad. They move in. A drunken Tommy objects and he and Ed are tossed out.

Ann hooks up with Ralph. Brad is having a party at his place. Everyone is getting wasted. One drunk brings out some dice. Instead of strip poker it’s strip craps. Time now to head for the pool. The neighbors are getting disturbed by all the noise. A woman wants to call the cops. Her husband wants her to wait so he can keep checking out the girls.

The cops get a call that a group is getting “back to nature.” They head out. Ralph gets away in his car while everyone else is busted. Ann and Eve are held by the juvenile authorities. Eves mother is out of town and Ann’s mother comes down to get her.

Before they can leave the girls are given Wassermann tests for syphilis. Eve tests positive. Ann is negative. But Ann isn’t out of the woods yet. She’s pregnant. Ralph drops it on her that he can’t marry her. He’s got a wife…somewhere. He takes her to a doctor. Looks like Ann has reached the end of the road.

There are a few unintended laughs along the way but overall the movie takes itself seriously and plays it straight. If you’re looking for the fun type of these movies stick with “Reefer Madness” (“Tell Your Children”) (1936) or 1938’s “Sex Madness.”

Helen Foster

Helen Foster





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