Man Made Monster (1941)

Good one with Lionel Atwill as a mad scientist who experiments on Lon Chaney,Jr. to prove his wacky theory. Some good acting from Corky the dog.

Dan “Dynamo Dan The Electric Man” McCormick survives a bus crash into an electrical tower. Five people were killed with Dan the only survivor. In the hospital he meets electrobiologist Dr.John Lawrence (Samuel S.Hinds). Dan has a carnival act where he puts his fingers in light sockets and other electrical type stunts. He admits most of it is phony.

Lawrence invites him to his home. He’ll do some experiments on him and he can live there free. Also there are Lawrence’s niece June (Anne Nagel), Corky the dog and Lawrence’s assistant Dr.Paul Rigas (Lionel Atwill).

Rigas thinks he can use electricity to create a race of superior men who are immune to electricity. Dan is friends with everyone including Corky who is his pal. June’s boyfriend is newspaper reporter Mark Adams (Frank Albertson).

Dr.Lawrence goes away to a scientific convention. That gives Rigas free reign to experiment on the naive Dan. As the experiments continue Dan becomes listless. Then electrical charges come out of his hands. Rigas is ecstatic.

Dr.Lawrence returns before Rigas can perform his final experiment. He slips Lawrence a mickey, June and Mark go out for the evening and Corky, suspicious of Dan, keeps watch on the lab door.

Rigas gives Dan a final jolt. Dan starts to glow from his head and his hands. Rigas has done it. He’s proven his theory. Lawrence isn’t as drugged as Rigas thought. He comes into the lab and sees what’s going on. He heads for the phone to call the cops.  Dan is completely under Rigas’ control. Dan kills Dr.Lawrence and Rigas orders him to say “I killed him.”

Dan is arrested for murder. His immunity to electricity will come in handy. From here on the movie gets really good. It may smack of corn but it’s worth watching.

Lon Chaney,Jr. is all charged up


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2 Responses to Man Made Monster (1941)

  1. Joseph Nebus says:

    I had thought this movie turned up on Mystery Science Theater 3000, although on looking it over apparently I’m thinking of 1956’s Indestructible Man instead.

  2. vintage45 says:

    They both have that electric man storyline.

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