Voyagers In Time-Edited by Robert Silverberg

robert silverberg(editor)-voyagers in time

Twelve time travel stories from 1895 (short excerpt from “The Time Machine”), 1937,48,49,51,53,56,58,62. Favorites:

“The Sands Of Time” (1937) – P.Schuyler Miller – Old fashioned time travel adventure in the land of the dinosaurs. As an added twist a man gets caught up in a battle between two space rivals. One is (what a surprise!!!!) a beautiful babe.

“Brooklyn Project” (1948) – William Tenn – a fun send up of the “Nothing will change” time travel story.

“Time Heals” (1949 novelette) – Poul Anderson – It’s possible to keep people preserved until their diseases can be cured in the future. One man wakes up nine hundred years later and tries to adjust.

“Wrong Way Street” (1965) – Larry Niven – A man always wanted to travel back in time to save his younger brother from dieing in an accident he felt was his fault. He ended up in the space program and was assigned to the Moon to investigate an alien base. He decides to experiment with some of the equipment.

Other authors: Lester del Rey, Alfred Bester, Michael Moorcock, C.M.Kornbluth, Wilma Shore, David Masson and Robert Silverberg.


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2 Responses to Voyagers In Time-Edited by Robert Silverberg

  1. Joachim Boaz says:

    Wilma Shore? I’ve never heard of her… How was the Masson story?

  2. vintage45 says:

    I never heard of her either. I understand she only wrote a few SF stories. Judging by the one in this collection I’m in no hurry to find the others. This one is done in Q & A form.

    The Masson story has a good idea. Time flows at different rates in different latitudes. It’s on of those that has to be read a few times to get it. I don’t mind challenging stories but with so much out there to read I don’t have the time to keep re-reading something unless it’s so attention getting I don’t have a choice. This doesn’t fall into that category.

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