Circus Boy (1956-58)

Before he was a Monkee

Before he was a Monkee

Micky Dolenz is twelve year old Corky the Circus Boy. His parents were acrobats who worked without a net. That act ended in a hurry and Corky is on his own. Noah Beery,Jr. is his pal Joey The Clown. Robert Lowrey is circus owner Big Tim Champion. Corky’s best pal is Bimbo the baby elephant.

Opening episode:September 30,1956 – “Meet Circus Boy – Hank Miller (Leo Gordon) and his boys ride into the circus. He demands the four hundred twenty-three bucks the former owner owes him. New owner Big Tim Champion isn’t there yet and no one has any money. Hank orders his gang to wreck the joint.

Tim shows up and pays him. Then he says he wants the money back for the damage. Hank’s not giving up that easily and the brawl is on. Tim makes short work of him, takes the money back and Hank rides out. Before he and his gang leave he promises it’s not over.

Tim sees Swifty doing the shell game. He takes a sucker for five bucks. Tim makes him give it back and fires him. Now he tells Joey to send Corky to his office. He tells Corky he can get him into a good school. Corky says his home is the circus. That’s what he thinks. Joey says he is a former school teacher who gave it up for the circus and adds that he taught Corky reading etc.

Too bad. Tim’s decision is final. Joey quits and he and Corky ride out to Prairie City. In town they run into Swifty. He brags that he set Tim up for an ambush by Hank and his boys. Joey slugs him and is arrested. He denies Corky is with him and gives the kid a sign to take off and warn Tim.

On the road Tim runs into Hank and his gang and they take a piece of him. But wait! Here comes Corky yelling “Hey Rube” with the circus following him. It’s a giant brawl. Awwwww shucks. Corky can stay and Joey too. And let’s not forget Bimbo.

The show was a western because of the time period. Despite a high violence content in the debut episode it was a kids show. Bimbo the elephant appeared as himself.

Robert Lowrey played Buss Courtney in “Pistols ‘n’ Petticoats” (1966-67).



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