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Revolt Of The Zombies (1936)

It wouldn’t surprise me to find out that the script was written in crayon. This one belongs on the worst ever list. Dean Jagger is more wooden that a 2 x 4. For a mysterious atmosphere the movies relies on … Continue reading

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Science Fiction-The Best Of 2002-Edited by Robert Silverberg & Karen Haber

A combination of eleven short stories and novelettes. Not my favorite gathering as I only found a few I liked: “Like What You See:A Documentary” – Ted Chaing – This is a world where it’s possible that no one can … Continue reading

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Jive At Five-Buck Clayton All Stars (1979)

Ten great live tracks featuring Emmett Berry, Earle Warren, Buddy Tate, Dicky Wells and a few vocals from Jimmy Rushing. Great listening. Recorded in Copenhagen, 1979. Highlights include: “Outer Drive”, “Deed I Do” and “Night Train.”

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The Kid Sister (1945)

Judy Clark carries the whole thing as Joan Hollingsworth.¬† She does a good job as the wacky dame who can’t stay out of trouble. Roger Pryor is also good as the befuddled J.Waldo Barnes. Overall the movie isn’t that great … Continue reading

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Joe Loss Plays The Big Band Greats (1970)

Twelve cover versions of Big Band Era hits by one of the longest lasting of the English band leaders. Nothing all that creative but a good listening experience. Soloist include:Don Lusher-trombone, Freddie Staff-trumpet, Bill Brown-baritone sax, Keith Bird-clarinet and Vic … Continue reading


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Danger Signal (1945)

Zachary Scott makes a good sleaze as a fortune hunting womanizer. The penultimate ending is disappointing and the last two minutes are really bad and look like they were designed as a “feel good” moment. It just doesn’t fit. Ronnie … Continue reading

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Fiddlefoot-Luke Short (Frederick D.Glidden) (1946)

Frank Chess is a fiddlefoot or drifter. He and his wealthy stepfather Rob hate each other. Now Rob has been murdered and Frank inherits the ranch. The ranchhands¬† don’t have any respect for him, the sheriff suspects him of killing … Continue reading

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The Polly Bergen Show (1957-58)

The Singer’s thirty minute variety show that always ended with her doing “The Party’s Over.” March 8,1958 episode: Polly opens with “This Is My Lucky Day”…Polly introduces a bright young comedian, Mr.Midnight, Jack Paar. Announcer Bill Wendell announces Jack and … Continue reading

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Stranger On The Third Floor (1940)

This was a good discovery. It has suspense and some creepy moments along with a great performance from Elisha Cook,Jr. If you’re looking for something a bit different check this out. Character actor Herb Vigran has a bit part as … Continue reading

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The Star Witches-John Lymington (1965)

One of Lymington’s better books but nothing to run around looking for. This one concerns an alien invasion that may cost everyone on Earth their sanity. As with most of Lymington’s books it all starts in a small English village. … Continue reading

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