The Book Of Philip Jose Farmer or The Wares Of Simple Simon’s Custard Pie And Space Man (Short Stories)

philip jose farmer-the book of philip jose farmer

Fifteen short stories and a 1973 essay, “Thanks For The Feast” by Leslie A.Fiedler. The stories are from 1954,59,60,67,68,71,72. Farmer put the Sex in SF and this book covers some of that along with his satire. Favorites:

“My Sister’s Brother” (1960 novella) – Numerous heavy hitting editors turned this town as they thought their readership was too squeamish to handle a story about alien sex. Finally it found publication. Cardigan Lane is looking for four astronauts that disappeared on Mars. He comes across a hole where their heavy tractors were swallowed up. He explores and runs into an alien female.  Considering where SF has gone since it seems tame now but Farmer’s writing makes it seem like it was published yesterday. It’s not all about sex and delves into Lane’s inner conflicts.

“Skinburn” (1972) –  Everytime Kent Lane stands under his skylight he starts to get an erotic feeling. Whenever he brings a girl home for some fun the phone keeps ringing. Definitely an unusual story.

“The Alley Man” (1959 novella) – A researcher goes to the mountains and visits a hillbilly family named Paley. With them is a one armed man known as Old Man. He may be the last of the Neanderthals. He lives by dumpster diving and searching alleys for whatever he can salvage. He’s also obsessed with his hat.

“Don’t Wash The Carats” (1968) – A brain surgeon taking out a tumor finds a diamond in a patient.

“The Sumerian Oath” (1972) – Doctors really take a secret and ancient oath to keep diseases going so they can stay in business.

“Only Who Can Make A Tree? (1971) – A government lab is working on pollution problems. The three main scientists are Drs.Mough, Lorenzo and Kerls. Read that as Moe, Larry and Curly.

“An Exclusive Interview With Lord Greystoke” (1972) – Farmer interviews the eighty-two year old Tarzan.

“The Obscure Life And Hard Times Of Kilgore Trout:A Skirmish In Biography” (1971) – Framer writes the biography of Kurt Vonbegut’s fictional SF author. Farmer put out a 1975 novel, “Venus On The Half- Shell” by Kilgore Trout.


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