The Undying Monster (1942)

James Ellison and Heather Thatcher are absolutely annoying as scientific detectives from Scotland Yard. They’re trying to track down what’s been attacking members of the Hammond family for generations. The movie tries for mystery, atmosphere and the supernatural and ends up missing the mark on all three. A total waste of time.

On frosty nights something has been killing members of the Hammond family or causing them to kill themselves.Their mansion sits atop a cliff on the English seaside. One legend says a family member is locked in a secret room. He made a pact with the devil and one person must die each year so he’ll continue to live.

One night nurse Kate O’Malley is headed for the village after working late for Dr.Jeff Colbert. Also returning to the mansion late that night is Oliver Hammond. Something attacks them and kills Oliver’s dog. Kate and Oliver are scratched up and Kate remains unconscious.

Scotland Yard sends Dr.Robert Curtis (James Ellison) and his assistant Christy (Heather Thatcher) to the Hammond mansion to find out what’s going on. Christy is into the occult and is hoping for ghosts.

Kate dies and a coroner’s jury returns a verdict of accidental death. Helga Hammond (Heather Angel) is afraid for her brother. Mysterious goings on continue and Curtis is suspicious of Dr.Colbert.

The ending and revelation are just asinine. The movie tries for a creepy butler and housekeeper and a dangerous large dog to keep viewers guessing. The only guessing is when this mess will finally end. After sixty-three minutes anyone left watching is finally put out of their misery.


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