Secret Army (1977-79)

secret army

An inn run in a small Belgian village by Albert Foiret is actually a front for the Belgian resistance. The Nazi occupiers don’t have a clue. Even Foiret’s bedridden wife doesn’t know. The group takes their orders via London short wave radio. Part of what they do is get downed pilots out of the area and prepare them for the hazardous trip. The series ended with the close of the war.

Opening episode: September 7,1977 – “Lisa-Codename Yvette” – Lisa (Jan Francis) is a former teacher who now works for a doctor as a nurse and runs errands for him. He’s also part of the resistance.. She runs lifelines that get downed RAF pilots safely out of the country. The headquarters is the inn run by Albert Foiret (Bernard Hepton). His mistress Monique runs the bar while his suspicious wife Andree lays upstairs. She’s bitter and it’s a good thing she doesn’t know what everyone is up to.

Three pilots are due at a farm which is a safe house.  Luftwaffe police break in as Lisa looks on from her hiding place outside. The three pilots are out in the fields and evade capture but the farmer and his wife are taken in.

In England Flight Lt.John Curtis trains pilots in escape and evasion techniques. He was in Europe and got out thanks to Lisa and the resistance. Now he’s being sent back to coordinate the lifelines. Also showing up in Belgium is Ludwig Kessler of the Gestapo. The rivalry between him and Major Brandt of the Luftwaffe police is heated when Kessler takes the imprisoned farmer from him. The farmer and his family are all sent to a concentration camp. Brandt thought they should have been allowed to stay home so he could keep an eye on them and their activities.

Two of the pilots have been captured and Lisa coordinates getting the third and some other pilots on a train to Spain. At the inn she spots Curtis. She’s very suspicious of him and she and Alfred want to know why he’s back and they’re not sure of his story since people he was in contact with last time have disappeared.

This is a good, suspenseful series and definitely worth checking out.


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