The Silk Noose (Noose) (1948)

the silk noose 1948

Joseph Calleia and Nigel Patrick make this well worth seeking out. They play Soho gangsters who run the underworld. Carole Landis is an American reporter that wants to bring them down. It’s based on a story and screenplay by Richard Llewellyn.

A girl named Milly Sparks is found floating in the Thames. Gangster Bar Norman (Nigel Patrick) gets upset and talks to his boss, Sugiani (Joseph Calleia). He thinks his henchman Basher did her in. It was his other main man Barber who strangled her with a stocking. This draws unwanted attention from reporter Linda Medbury (Carole Landis).

Linda is from Chicago and is the fashion editor of the Daily Echo. She wants to write the murder story and bring down Sugiani. Her editor wants her to stay with fashion. He threatens to send her back home. She says he won’t be able to because she’s due to marry British commando Jumbo Hyde. He reluctantly lets her have her way.

Sugiani’s girlfriend Annie Foss was a good friend of Millie’s and she goes to Inspector Kendall (Stanley Holloway) to tell what she knows. Linda interviews her and now Annie is afraid Sugiani will find out she’s an informant and take care of her. It’s another job for Barber.

Jumbo enlists his friend Pudd’n Bason to help get Sugiani and his gang. Bason runs a gym and he and his boxers agree to form an army to do battle with the Sugiani gang.

Sugiani tries to convince Linda to stop writing stories. First he sends Bar to see her. He gets nowhere. Sugiani is waiting outside and he tries and ends up getting slapped in the face and told to get out. His next move is to tell Barber he has a job to do.

This is a good one despite a climax that borders on silliness. The acting is the big draw in this mixture of crime and comedy. The comedy comes from Landis who is good as the reporter.


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