Fiddlefoot-Luke Short (Frederick D.Glidden) (1946)

luke short-fiddlefoot

Frank Chess is a fiddlefoot or drifter. He and his wealthy stepfather Rob hate each other. Now Rob has been murdered and Frank inherits the ranch. The ranchhands  don’t have any respect for him, the sheriff suspects him of killing his stepfather and his long suffering girlfriend Cass tells him he’s never tested himself as a man.

Frank’s stepfather told him what he thought of him in front of the ranchhands and Frank just walked  away. For five years he drifted. He spent some time working for the crooked Rhino Hulst swindling the army when selling them horses. He’s always felt guilty about wearing a phony uniform.

Someone knifed Frank’s stepfather and the sheriff thinks he did it. Frank finds out that Rhino was behind the murder. It’s all because Rhino wants Saber, the ranch Frank inherited. Frank lets everyone think he’s guilty because he doesn’t want his girlfriend to know about his horse trading scam.

Meanwhile, Tess, a woman who works for Rhino is secretly trying to put him out of business. For his part Rhino admits to Frank that he murdered Rob and blackmails him into signing over half of Saber.

There’s some good action along the way but it’s mostly a story of a man finally having to step up and gain respect. It’s another good one from Short.


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