The Kid Sister (1945)

the kid sister 1945

Judy Clark carries the whole thing as Joan Hollingsworth.  She does a good job as the wacky dame who can’t stay out of trouble. Roger Pryor is also good as the befuddled J.Waldo Barnes. Overall the movie isn’t that great but it’s not a bad time passer when there’s not much else around.

Joan is a fast talker and likes to cause her older sister Ethel trouble. She puts on a low cut dress to try and attract the rich J.Waldo Barnes from taking too much notice of Ethel. Her mother is shocked and orders her to stay in her room as Ethel smirks.

Joan puts on the maid’s uniform and sneaks downstairs and answers the door for Barnes. They do some slapstick with his hat. It’s east to see he takes notice of her.  Her mother catches them on the floor and she’s embarrassed. She chases Joan upstairs but before she can catch her Joan goes out the window and jumps in a car. The driver is known as the Westport burglar (Frank Jenks). She didn’t have any idea about that.

The burglar has been hanging around outside the house planning to steal a valuable pearl necklace. He takes Joan for the maid and offers a partnership. Joan doesn’t say who she really is. The burglar speeds along and then a motorcycle cop named Michael chases them. After several mishaps the burglar gets a flat and hits a tree. Joan runs off.

Joan goes to a house and sits on a bench and pretends she’s the maid and is waiting for a boyfriend. Michael buys it after the nearsighted housekeeper mistakes her for the maid of the house. Turns out it’s Barnes’s place.

Barnes thinks she’s the Hollingsworth maid about to enter a life of crime and tries to talk her out of it. Meanwhile the burglar sneaks in and hides in a closet. Michael comes to the house with several guests from the Hollingsworth dinner party. One of them is Tommy who has been attracted to Joan since they were kids. Like Barnes he doesn’t believe that she’s a victim of the burglar. He turns caveman and tries to drag her outside and take her home.

The burglar knocks Tommy out and has to run off as Barnes and the others run over. When Tommy comes to he gives Joan’s real identity away to Barnes.  He thinks he’s been made a fool of and sends her home. Now he realizes he’s stuck on her and she’s home pining away for him. Meanwhile the burglar is still hanging around the neighborhood.

Of course they’ll all meet again. A bottle of nitro helps bring things to the expected ending.  The burglar is never given a name. The movie does get silly at times, especially in argument scenes between the Barnes housekeeper and the maid. Still Clark makes it watchable and it’s not  a bad way to spend an hour.



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