Science Fiction-The Best Of 2002-Edited by Robert Silverberg & Karen Haber

robert silverberg-karen haber-science fiction-the best of 2002

A combination of eleven short stories and novelettes. Not my favorite gathering as I only found a few I liked:

“Like What You See:A Documentary” – Ted Chaing – This is a world where it’s possible that no one can be judge by their facial beauty or features considered ugly. There’s a process called Calliagnosia. It blocks the neural pathways that evaluates those features. Now there’s a movement starting at a college to eliminate it from campus. In our narcisstic world this story is a real conversation starter.

“The War Of The Worldviews – James Morrow – Martians from their planets two moons land in Central Park. It’s a civil war and New York is being destroyed as the two sides fight it out. Steve Onslo was an attendant in an asylum. He thinks the answer lies with several inmates. He gets them together on one of their houseboats where a woman named Annie lives with her harpsicord. A coin toss may decide the fate of the city.

“Angles” – Orson Scott Card – Slantspace has been discovered. People can now move from one universe to another..with some help. In the year 3000, Hakira wants to go where Japan is not ruled by China. Maybe he should have thought it over.

Other authors: Charles Stross, Geoffrey A. Landis, Robert Reed, Yoon Ha Lee, Christopher Priest, Brian W. Aldiss, Benjamin Rosenbaum and Ian R. MacLeod,


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